Tuesday, December 19, 2006

just an introduction

actually i still dont know exactly what i want 2 write, but when i checked other blogs i noticed very friendly&helpful people& i want u all 2 share me my blog&discuss our thoughts 2gether..



أنـــا حـــــــــرة said...

Hey my lovely friend ..
Trust me all people wanted to make blogs and insisted on it they got bored but ppl like u who never decided but it came by itself succeeded ... waiting more ofur art
but if u gonna publish anything make
حقوق ملكية فكرية
first .. coz they may be stolen

love u

white seagull said...

thnx yasmina 4 the notification.
dont worry about 72oo2 el melkia. we rabena yb3edna 3an el 7aramia :)

ed3ely enty bas wana a3melek more&more of art :)

love u too.

Believer said...

والله انتى حفزتينى انان هاعملى blog انان كمان اشمعنى انا يعنى :-))
انا كمان بقالى فتره مفتقد الكتابه ... يلا ... فرصه :-))

اجمل حاجه فى الدنيا التلقائيه .. اجمل من ما الواحد يقعد يصطنع ويجمل ويثقل ... فسبيها كده بعكعكتها و لخطبتها ... وزى ما تيجى الافكار وتتزاحم ... تطلع واحده ورا التانيه لوحدهم :-)

يلا انا هاروح انام بقى ...

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