Saturday, January 20, 2007

please lord..

"teach me to win.forgive my errors,and fill my heart with enthusiasm,grant me the strength to be both man&woman,both hard&soft..

i need love&affection,i need someone who can protect me here on earth,just as my angel protects me in heaven,i have done my part,i have no regrets,even though it was awfully hard...

punish us..punish us because we are different, because we have dared to dream,&to believe in those things no

one else any longer believes in..

punish us because we speak of faith&we feel hopeless,we speak of love,but we recieve neither the affection nor the comfort we feel we deserve,we speak of freedom&we r prisoners to our own guilt...

Lord,we are apart of this world and this world is filled with our fears.

we will write our sins in the sand&it will be the desert wind's task to scatter them.

Keep our hands strong,keep us from ceasing to struggle, even though we judge ourselves unworthy of going into battle.

Make use of our lives,nourish our dreams,if we are made of earth the earth is also made of us,everything is only one thing.

Teach us&use us,we are forever yours..

May the fire of love grow in our hearts,may the fire transformation glow in our movements.

may the fire of purification burn away our sins, may the fire of justice guide our steps,may the fire of wisdom illuminate our path, may the fire that spreads over the earth never be extinguished,it has returned,and we carry it within us..."

(the valkyries..paulo coelho)